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Elva Ambia

Born in Peru, Elva immigrated to the United States as a teenager in order to find work and help provide for her family. Though Quechua is her mother tongue, living in the US forced her to rely more heavily on her Spanish and English. Longing to keep her native Quechua alive, she formed the Quechua Collective of New York. Her love of Quechua and pride in her Andean heritage is evident in the work she's done in supporting the Quechua-speaking community. In addition to organizing various cultural events, the Quechua Collective of New York also offers Quechua language classes.

Elva is the subject of the short documentary film Living Quechua. She's also the author of Qoricha, a trilingual [Quechua/Spanish/English] picture book, and is currently working on its sequel.

You can keep up with news about her Organization Quechua Collective of New York on Facebook and Instagram!

June 3, 2019

Discovering Quechua with Elva Ambia

In this episode, I sat down with Elva Ambia, founder of The Quechua Collective of New York, to talk about her mission to keep Que…

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